Why are they called anxiety necklace?

When we are anxious or stressed, our breaths become shallow and fast. Flō reminds you to slow down your breathing, allowing your body to naturally relax and destress.


Does it really help anxiety and breathing?

Flō helps you manage your anxiety for better breathing. It is a simple yet effective tool to naturally calm your mind and body.


Why is this better than just practicing breathing exercises?

The Flō is a breathing exercise aid to help you learn the importance of the breath. Our hope is that one day you no longer need the Flō and re-gift it to someone who can use anxiety relief!


Why shouldn't I just use any tube or straw for deep breathing?

The Flō is designed with care to slow down the exhale. The weight of the Flō is a tactile reminder for deep breaths. Additionally, the Flō delivers a message of self-care.


What does it sound like?

We designed the Flō to have little to no sound when you exhale through it.


How long should I exhale?

You may exhale through the Flō for 9+ seconds.


How long does it take to have an effect?

After 5 breath cycles, your body should start relaxing.


How long do I need to use this breathing necklace?

As long as you need, as little as you’d like.


What is the diameter of the necklace?

The Flō pendant is 2 inches in length and 0.3 inch in diameter.


Is the length of the chain adjustable?

The necklace has an adjustable length of 24 to 27 inches.


What is the weight of the necklace?

21 grams including the necklace. 


Can I just use the pendant and switch to a different chain?

Yes you can! You can also replace the chain with a keyring for more portability!


How can I sanitize the necklace?

We recommend using a straw cleaner and natural soap to clean the inside of the Flō from time to time.


What type of metal is it made of?

Flō necklace and pendant are made of premium stainless steel.


Where is the necklace made?

The Flō is designed in Brooklyn and ethically made in China. With our partners, we prioritize fair wages, quality and are mindful of the environmental impact.


Is the necklace waterproof? Can I wear it in the shower or while swimming?

The necklace is made of stainless steel, you can care for it like jewelry. Be sure to thoroughly dry the Flō with a soft cloth.


Is the necklace hypoallergenic?

It is made with hypoallergenic stainless steel, there are trace amounts of nickel in the stainless steel.alloy.


Does it come in a gift box?

The Flō is neatly packaged in a reusable tin. We highly recommend reusing and repurposing the box it comes in.


Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we can only support the US, Canada, and Mexico.


How much is the shipping fee?

Free in the continental USA!


How long would it take to receive my order?

Orders ship 2-3 business days after placing, and shipping time can vary depending on where are you located.


What is your return policy?

30-day satisfaction guaranteed!